I am a romantic and I love weddings. A wedding day is full of energy and life. It is a day of joy, excitement, happiness, and, often, lots of planning. It is the day, I feel the most inspired. I love the big moments – the bride getting into her wedding dress, the first look, the first kiss, and the first dance, but it is also finding those little details – the rings, candles, momento’s and the little KellyandLuis-4moments – smiles and tears of joy, that makes being a wedding photographer so rewarding. I am so happy and humbled to be invited to this fantastic experience where two people will join together to become a family.

I care for my clients. In fact, I am  here for you long before your wedding day to help, to plan, and to make your day easy.  Whether your question is about your timeline or which color bridesmaids dress I am happy to help.  Liking, trusting, and being comfortable around your photographer makes all of the difference in your wedding day pictures.  Please explore my site and look at the complete albums.  I look forward to hearing from you.